Unseasonable Weather

I fall into this trap once the weather turns warm… or in Ohio cold but not snowing and I throw on my flip flops and believe they can stay on until fall returns. The problem occurs when it begins pouring and I need my rain boots or it’s snowing a few weeks later and I need my boots with the furry lining. If I believe the storms and snow will come only when I have prepared for them I will be disappointed!

Knowing rain and snow are a possibility, I continue to put my flip flops on. It is a little act of defiance in me…I know my feet will be cold, but I feel alive when I feel the cold or wet on my feet and I love being alive!

Loving and living means I will get hurt sometimes. AHHHH… that secretly, or maybe not so secretly freaks me out. I have been hurt and I hate more than anything that I have hurt other people and wish I could go back in time and change a few things, but I can’t and so I have to learn from the hurts and grow every day. In searching for that growth, a friend gave me the book Scary Close by Donald Miller and he quoted Martha Graham; “each of us is unique and if we didn’t exist something in the world would have been lost”. Sometimes we feel lost in this world and can’t see that we are unique so we hang onto a season, even when it is not healthy. So when we are lost and the storms come and they will come, we have to make the decision to heal.

Go slow! When I was younger I approached healing like a bull in a china shop. I thought I could read and go to counseling and all would be great. I realized I could not approach it like a bull and needed to accept that healing is different for each of us! I would need to put things in place for me to weather the storms. I started removing the walls I had put up and allowed people to come into my life and walk with me. Sometimes I get hurt, but the more I trust myself, the more I can see when people are in my life for the right reasons and when I need to stay away from people. When we learn to listen to our gut, it speaks clearly to us, so listen to it… it never fails you!

Take a chance today and start loving yourself. Once you love and trust yourself, the rest will be much easier!

Theresa Gaser