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Book #1

Teaching Emotional I.Q.
to Help Kids Match Their Words with Feelings…

Ice Cream Cone Feelings

Ever been embarrassed by a child's behavior in public? After 15 years of Successful Counseling, this Health Counselor Professional Designed a Revolutionary Process that Solves America's Behavioral Problem Epidemic.

Feelings are like big scoops of ice cream that get stacked on an ice cream cone. When we do not process these feelings our emotions melt together and can make a big mess! 

The Ice Cream Cone Feelings book is a fun and interactive story that teaches children and adults a unique process designed to minimize the emotional messes of daily life. 

Instead of making messes, the Ice Cream Cone Feelings book teaches readers how to recognize their feelings so that they can interact with their emotions in healthy new ways.

Understanding Children's feelings can be difficult for you and your children. Ice Cream Cone Feelings is a FUN and Interactive way to get your children to talk!

Because kids LEARN through storytelling, choosing the RIGHT story to makes all the difference.


Book #2

Empowering Children to Stay Safe by Teaching Them to Trust Their Instincts…

There’s a Squirrel in My Tummy

Empower your children to recognize their gut feelings; protect themselves from bullies, strangers, and those who intend to harm them. It is time to recognize the importance of listening to your instincts.

There’s a Squirrel in my Tummy teaches kids the difference of good vs. bad touch, listening to the funny feeling they get in their stomach and learning to trust HOW people make them FEEL.

Children will face many adversities in life. There’s A Squirrel in My Tummy places more tools in children’s tool boxes to handle adversities.

I have counseled many children and adults, who have experienced the “gut feeling” that something was wrong, dangerous or made them uneasy and did not know what to do.

This is a story of how Luke and Bella learn how to trust their gut feelings.

It is vital that adults teach children about their feelings and how to communicate when they have “that squirrelly feeling.”


5-Star Reviews

Mrs. Karen Kasich
First Lady, State of Ohio

“Ice Cream Cone Feelings will help young readers identify what’s bugging them–one scoop at a time! A delight to read, even as a grown up!”

Emily Winship
Elementary Teacher

“As a parent and a teacher, Ice Cream Cone Feelings sprinkles a positive strategy for dealing with the scoops life throws at all of us.”

Military Parent

After seeing how my own kids tried to relate to multiple military deployments and deal with pent up feelings, I wish we'd had access to a book like this one. Our kids need to learn how to deal with all of those feelings in ways that make sense!

Dr. Kent Doherty

“…with Ice Cream Cone Feelings, families and young children can benefit from [Theresa’s] years of helping children find their way with their emotions. Thank you for this gem!”

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About the Author


Theresa J. Gaser, LISW-S, CTS

is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and a Certified Trauma Specialist.

Through her 14 year career in the mental health field she developed the proven process that was used to write Ice Cream Cone Feelings.

This process assists individuals, families, and children who struggle with emotional health gain skills that mediate healing and emotional well-being.

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*Bonus Fun Challenge: Can your child find the hidden squirrels throughout the book? 


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